Where Can Adults Get REAL Adult Tequila Drinks at Epcot?

Hidden away inside the Mexico Pavilion is a Tequila Bar just for adults. Yes, a BAR at Disney World for adults. It’s like a little heaven on Earth inside Mexico.

Offering all kinds of drinks from margaritas to straight-up tequila shooters, the Tequlia Bar is hidden away inside the Mexico Pavilion. It’s the perfect respite spot for getting away from the heat (or rare cold day) and heating up your taste buds. There is a menu from which to order, and when I went with my friend, Britt, we ordered a plate of chips and guacamole. They’re not just your typical guacamole and chips though; they’re addicting, delicious, must-lick-the-bowl chips and guac.

Plus, if you’re trying to hide from your family, it’s too hard to find you in the back around the corner, so that’s more time for another margarita.

Not your ordinary guac and chips.

Try the Tequila Bar in the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot for an adult escape from the heat.

photo credit: angie lynch


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