Where Are the Best Places To Get Pictures With Mickey Mouse?

Meeting Mickey Mouse at Epcot

Everyone wants to meet the big man himself, but what’s the best time/place/park to get that super special picture with Mickey Mouse?

We’ve seen him at Magic Kingdom in Mickey’s Toontown Fair, at Epcot’s meet and greet area (near the Innovations area), and at Animal Kingdom in Camp Minnie-Mickey.

Animal Kingdom had the shortest wait times, by far.  There were also more characters in a small area (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Chip and Dale, Daisey, Thumper and his girlfriend, and Pocahontas and Lilo and Stitch we close by).  Each character had their own line and greeting area.  They were quite friendly and took lots of time with each family.

Epcot has a middle length wait.  You stand in line to meet Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, and Donald (the Fab Five).  It felt the most rushed of the 3 parks.

Magic Kingdom is the longest wait.  Usually it’s at least 45min to meet the mouse.  The shortest time of day to get in to see Mickey is during the parade. Get in line while the parade is marching through the streets and cut the wait considerably.  However, you only get to see Mickey and Minnie.  Bonus, you get to watch some of the old Mickey shorts while you wait.

Whatever he is, Mickey has enough magic to erase the waiting-in-line boredom and replace it with special memories!

Photo credit: Tina Muhleisen

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