What Can We Do if One Child Can Ride, but Another Can’t or Won’t?

Little one catching a nap while Mom and Dad ride

Do you have more than one child and one (or more) is less adventurous when it comes to rides? Or maybe one isn’t quite tall enough for a ride you want to go on? Ask the Cast Member at the beginning of the line about Parent Swap!

Parent Swap lets one adult ride while the other waits with a child and then they switch without waiting in line again.

We did Parent Swap when we took my sister in law, her husband and their then-9-month-old with us, and it worked perfectly! One of us would wait with my nephew while the rest rode, and then someone would switch so the person who waited could ride…but without waiting in line again! AND up to 3 people got to ride twice so the new rider didn’t have to go alone.  And the best part is that no one had to miss the best rides.

Photo Credit: Yvette Papasodero

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