Where Can We Go See a Movie at Disney World?

The AMC Downtown Disney 24 movie theater at Disney’s Westside is a great place to get away from the constant on-the-go traveling you tend to do on a vacation to Disney World.

Take the time to relax and enjoy a first-run movie at one of the well-appointed theaters at Downtown Disney before a dinner date. Tickets run about the same price as any other typical first-run movie theater, but as Disney is known, the theater is clean, well-lit where it needs to be, and updated.

Starting May 16th, enjoy table service dining at one of several Dine-In Theatres® where larger, comfortable seats equipped with tables for food. Six of the 24 auditoriums are outfitted for table-service with a discreet personal call button for food service. Guests have a menu from which to choose that includes appetizers, entrees, and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages. Adults and children accompanied by adults are welcomed to enjoy first- and second-run movies with the luxury of seat-side service.

Along with the Dine-In Theatre auditoriums, MacGuffins, a full-service bar is opening inside the AMC Downtown Disney 24 to service all 21+ theater guests.

LIMITED TIME: Catch a preview of the Dine-In Theatres this Friday, May 13th. For more information on how to reserve tickets, click over to Allied Media.

image credit: Disney

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