Have You Done a Disney World Resort Scavenger Hunt?

Have you ever taken part in a Disney Resort Scavenger Hunt?

If you decide you want to skip the parks for a day and looking for something FREE and FUN for the family, I have created a simple Disney World family scavenger hunt. If you are staying on Disney property, or not, this will not cost you anything and all resorts are accessible by Disney transportation via bus, boat, or monorails. Seeing all the sights on the list will take at least two hours and lunch could easily be planned into this little adventure at any one of the resorts along the way. Kids and adults will have fun hunting down the interesting things listed here. Scavengers might have fun having to return with picture proof of the items listed.

Disney World Resort Scavenger Hunt:

  • The Water Bridge. Yes, a bridge made of water.

**Hint: Take the boat from The Magic Kingdom to Fort Wilderness.

  • Lawnmower in a tree at Fort Wilderness.

**Hint: If you arrive at the dock it’s near the Settlement Trading Post.

  • Geyser at the Wilderness Lodge.

**Hint: It faith-fully goes off near the pool.

  • Cinderella and Prince Charming at the Grand Floridian

**Hint: Once you inside the resort, look down

  • The Five-Legged Goat at The Contemporary.

**Hint: Disney artist Mary Blair created a mosaic that wraps around the internal walls of the resort and this goat is located inside that mosaic.

These are a few things I have fun pointing out when I visit the resorts with friends. If you have trouble finding an item then simply ask any of the cast members. There are many more little gems planted around the park. Hidden Mickey’s are always fun to point out. This is just a simple and free way to enjoy your stay in Walt Disney World.

photo credit: angie lynch

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